Wheelchair user registration

St. Patrick’s Festival aims to offer a programme and service that allows everyone an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the Festival.

St. Patrick’s Festival is happy to provide accommodations, to the best of our ability, to allow individuals with disabilities and additional needs to participate in the Festival’s workforce, services, and activities.

Attending the Parade

We have a number of areas along the Parade route that are reserved for attendees that have additional needs.

We provide wheelchair-accessible viewing area on Clanbrassil Street.

If you, a friend or family member are a wheelchair user, you can come and view the parade in one of our designated wheelchair viewing areas. These areas are prioritised for wheelchair users but can also be used by people who use mobility aids or have limited mobility to give them some more space and comfort, whilst the parade goes by.

Family members can accompany the wheelchair user / person who uses a mobility aid in this designated area.

Registration Closed